Approximately twenty-seven million girls are “missing” throughout countries such as Asia, India, Pakistan and Cambodia.


The Problem:
Profound poverty leads to a lack of education and a lack of education results in poverty. The despair here is so great that
trafficking of young girls is one of the most serious human rights violations facing Cambodia.1 Human trafficking is a $32 billion per year business.

1 Human Trafficking in Cambodia (August 2012) Boden, Alison, L., PhD,



Offering a safe and cost free learning environment, in rural villages close to home can break the cycle, taking students from poverty to opportunity. We are convinced that education is the most effective way to fight poverty, modern day slavery and fertility. Poverty is complex, The Giving "Three" Foundation supports education paired with other effective interventions.

The Giving "Three" Foundation 501(c)3 supports initiatives working to help take children from oppression to opportunity, every person is entitled to basic human rights, growing up safe, healthy, educated and fed are among them!